Hurricane Sandy Insurance Claims

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Hurricane Sandy caused tremendous destruction and thousands of policy holders will need to file a claim. However, insurance companies cannot be counted on to deal with claims fairly. Insurance companies have a track record for offering low settlements too low to cover actual damages and denying claims without fair review. Many insurers will offer very low settlements not enough to cover actual damage costs, or find an excuse to deny a claim by classifying losses caused by flood damage, which is not covered under most homeowner insurance policies. Many homeowners and business owners affected by Hurricane Sandy will face these problems.


Don’t accept having your claim ignored, denied or mishandled by the insurance company. As a law firm that works with independent insurance adjusters, we help policy holders filing a claim to get just compensation. We help with wind damage, fire damage, flood damage, water damage, loss of business income, mold damage, roof leaks, and even theft and vandalism insurance claims.